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We are pleased to offer a complete professional corporate governance consulting service or a specific service targeted to meet individual project requirements. All services listed below can be bundled or provided on a stand alone basis.

Our comprehensive governance services take the following stages:

Corporate Governance Advice

The first step in installing effective corporate governance is for our professionals to review the corporate processes existing within the organization and to determine their effectiveness. Including: 

  •          Board processes review
  •          Board agendas and papers review
  •          Board Committee processes review
  •          Board minutes review
  •          Compliance audits and reviews
  •          Risk management systems and oversight processes reviews
  •          Continuous disclosure process review

Corporate Governance Framework and Manual Preparation

The second step is to document best practice governance processes. We have developed the Corporate Governance Model to assist with this process, which can include, depending on organisational needs:

  •          detailed charters
  •          procedures
  •          processes
  •          template documents
  •          Codes of Conduct, and
  •          policies

covering all areas of contemporary corporate governance.

Appointment as Finance and/or Governance Executive

Gain the benefit of Peter Wetzig's 30 years experience as a finance, legal and governance executive and his 10 years of consulting experience providing real word solutions to the challenges companies face every day.  Peter Wetzig accepts appointment as a part-time or overflow executive.

Guidance to Structure your Company to be Investor ready

Peter Wetzig is experienced at guiding boards and management in structuring companies to be investor ready with corporate governance that demonstrates the company's commitment to safeguard and unlock shareholder value. Many companies find that notwithstanding operational readiness, investors still perceive increased risk where adequate and appropriate governance is lacking.

Prepare your company for capital raising or an initial public offering (IPO) through benefiting from the years of experience in this role Peter Wetzig brings.  Peter Wetzig can guide your board and management through information memorandum or prospectus preparation and due diligence process.
Peter Wetzig is experienced in the capital raising requirements of Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), National Stock Exchange (NSX) and Australian Small Scale Offerings Board (ASSOB) as well as NASDAQ (USA).

Independent Director or Committee Member 

Peter Wetzig is experienced as an independent director/board committee member and possesses the skills and expertise to guide a board, particularly during the initial stages, in developing good practice financial management, corporate governance and board processes which demonstrate this. Peter Wetzig is experienced at establishing and maintaining board management interfaces and relationships which add efficiency to the board meeting processes and conveys proper delegation, effective oversight and appropriate autonomy to executive management in developing a corporate governance culture throughout the organization.


Establishing Professional Company Secretarial Position

 (also see Company Secretarial page)

An essential element in the establishment and maintenance of a competent corporate governance regime is a professionally qualified and experienced Company Secretary. Such a person is a vital key player in the organization's governance equation. The Company Secretary is, in effect, the Chief Governance Officer of the organization.

Whilst appreciating and mindful of the commercial reality of any business, Company Secretaries owe their primary duty and loyalty to the Board of Directors generally and the Chairman in particular. Accordingly, it is becoming more difficult for the Company Secretary to maintain the integrity of the organization's corporate governance and remain a part of executive management.

Astute boards are increasingly recognizing this tension and choosing to outsource the Company Secretarial role to a professional independent of executive management.

Peter Wetzig is experienced in both Independent Director and Company Secretarial/Governance Executive roles and can mentor the Company Secretary and directors to significantly enhance your board's and organization's governance processes. Call or email us to discuss your needs.    

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